Hypnotic Healing - Mind , Body and Spirit
Hypnotic Healing offers a holistic healing approach to your mind, body and soul. We offer the full range of Hypnotherapy services and specialise in all things spiritual and metaphysical.
With open-mindedness, friendship and an uplifting message, Hypnotic Healing promises to be a place for you to continue your spiritual journey. We'll help you find the energy from within and grow spiritually through healing, discussion, meditation and hypnotherapy.
We believe in connection, oneness and intuition, and our beliefs are founded in Buddhism, Quantum Physics, Hypnoenergetics and the New Age movement. We are always open to new ideas and all religions.
Healing modalities:
Reiki: chakra balancing, healing, aura cleansing
Hypnoenergetics:This powerful holistic modality, embracing all dimensions of human consciousness transforms lives and brings deep fulfilment to the client.  Suitable for those wanting a Hypnotherapy experience that is more in line with energy, consciousness & spiritual beliefs.  
Hypnotherapy: Addictions, Anxiety, Appetite control, Confidence, Insomnia, Memory & Learning, Motivation, Nail biting, Panick attacks, Phobias and Fears, Future progressions, Relaxation, Quit Smoking, Stress, Stop smoking, Weight Loss and much more.
Hypnotic Regression: Age, Womb,  Past Life Regression (including the Dolores Cannon QHHT technique), Rebirthing, Future projection.
Metaphysical hypnosis: Abductions, ET's, automatic writing, meet your spirit and animal guides, increase your psychic ability and esp, contacting your higher self,  lucid dreaming, psychic protection, spiritual release, out of body experiences (OBE), managing spiritual and psychic egotism.
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Servicing the whole of the Yarra Valley ranges including Wandin North, Lilydale, Croydon, Mooroolbar, Chirnside Park, Woori Yallock, Warburton, Seville, Kilsyth, Bayswater and the wider communities. 
For a full list of the areas we are able to offer our hypnotherapy servies please click here.
Australian Reiki Connection
Academy Hypnotic ScienceAustralian Hypnotherapy Association
Member of the Australian Reiki Connection, Australian Hypnotherapists Association, Academy Hypnotic Science.
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